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Warrior Women

November 18, 2009

Bring the secrets of Miraval into your life.

Yes, that really is me standing next to Oprah!

It was February of 2007 when I saw the Oprah magazine while waiting in line at Whole Foods.  On the front cover was a heading “Win a Trip with Oprah and Gayle”  I told Brian that if I was ever going to win anything, it was going to be now.  So I bought the magazine.  I flipped right to the page outlining the instructions on entering the contest.  I carefully follwed each and every one, cutting a postcard to the exact dimensions and counting my words.  In 50 words or less I had to state why I believed I deserved this vacation.  I included every horrific detail I could about THAT day, stamped it and sent it off, fingers crossed.  Several day later I received a call that I was chosen as a winner.  Unreal!

The trip was scheduled for  March.  EVERYthing was paid for by Oprah, not a single detail was left out,  Philadelphia, PA to Tuscon, AZ – it was flawless. We stayed at Miraval Spa in the mountains of Tuscon for 4 nights, 4 exceptional nights.  Oprah conversed with us, ate with us, excercised with us and helped us.  Helped us SEE and RECOGNIZE ourselves.  Helped us to lay down our burdens and live our lives.  It was the most powerful, empowering experience I have ever had.  Not just meeting Oprah, but the other 59 woman who were there with their stories and burdens, ready to put them to rest and begin again.  I felt so safe and secure among these ladies, I was brought to uncontrollable tears. 

Some words I took with me, Martha Beck talks about healing on Oprah:

A mother who lives her life well is going to have happier children. “Let me tell you my favorite story from a psychiatrist who spent 20 years dealing with neurotic patients. They’d always say, ‘I know my mother loved me, but…,’ and then they’d go into the problems,” she says. “One day she met a really, really healthy man, and she thought, ‘Gee, I wonder what a normal person’s mother is like?’ She never heard that. … She thought he would say, ‘My mother loved me perfectly. She made no mistakes at all.’ Instead, he said something she had never heard before from a patient. He said, ‘My mother loved life.'”

To understand how to feel self-compassion, “Imagine a time when you’re caring for a child or an elderly parent or a dear friend who’s ill or heartbroken, who is just not doing well, and you put them to bed at night, you let them rest, and you go in, and you watch your children sleep, just hoping they’ll heal, right? And when you feel all the compassion you can, imagine that the person rolls over in bed, and it’s you.”

This exercise can help you direct all the empathy and concern you would feel for another person toward yourself. “If you can stay [in that moment], the possibilities for your life are endless. That’s where it all starts.

For a clip from the show check out “Warrior Women” to the right.

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