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December 11, 2009

I am going to focus on some details of after the attack for a while.

Brian got the call at work a few minutes after I pushed my attacker out of the house.  He was home within minutes.  We passed Luna off to Brian’s boss and friend.  The police were there and questioning was about to begin.  Brian sat there next to me, awestruck.  I told the police everything I could and then was escorted downtown to Temple Sinai where I received a rape kit. 

That hospital was about the worst place to have to go after I was just attacked.  It was full of junkies, drunks, thugs and just outright frightening people.  I felt so afraid there.  I was called into an exam room and a Doctor poked and swabbed me, took samples and gave me the 72 hour abortion pill, just in case.  

A case worker from Women Organized Against Rape came in to speak with me about their organization and gave me some information.  I had a miserable headache.  From here I was to go to SVU where I would go through more questioning and have to pick out the perpetrator from mug shots.

You can not imagine how terrified I was looking at those mug shots.  I was so sure before hand that I would be able to pick this guy out in a crowd, but here lie the photos in front of me and I panic.  I was  never very consistent under pressure.  I shook horribly inside and decided to eliminate men.  They looked so similar to me and I DID NOT want to make a mistake.  After several minutes I pointed to man, the man that forced his way into my house with a 10 inch knife and sexually assaulted me while my baby girl watched.  He was a 51-year-old man who lived in our part of the city, 1 block over two blocks up.  He lived with his girlfriend and took care of her children.  He worked as a landscaper for an Irish man in our area.  He had worked and been invited into the home of one of my friends.  He had a history of drugs, alcohol, probation, theft and as I found out during my trial, rape. 

After all this, Brian took me back to our house where we met an officer to show him a piece of evidence, and then we went to my parents house.  It was 11ish PM by the time we got there and moments after I walked in I watched my house on TV with newscasters in front of it telling MY story.  It was so unreal.  Luna was in bed and I went to her bedside and cried.

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